Window treatments with quirky blinds and curtain ideas for DIY warriors

Wood shades, curtains, and everything that’s blinds!


There’s no point in spending too much to achieve your dream window interiors for your home. The DIY designs and solutions can be a great light bulb moment to save at the same time give complement a room that has already been planned and designed beforehand.


Placing new blinds, wood blinds, or drapes out of DIY designs makes the cut for a budget friendly and exquisite window designs. It may even impress people with the help of blinds, piece of clothing, chains, nails, curtains, so on and so forth which may be found in your favourite supermarket and hardware stores.


Spend under while getting over the top with creative and quirky ideas for your windows. Check out some cool DIY ideas to try for window treatment.


Bits and pieces from the hardware (Plus size nails and chains)


Combining two different pieces together is not always a bad idea. It can even turn into something unexpectedly better as a matter of fact not to mention how much money is spared from getting out of your pocket.


You can start with considering plus size nails and chains sold in hardware to serve as your blinds or curtain holders. These DIY window treatments has been tried and made a good impression toward the online critics. No one may even notice that you’ve made it out of separate pieces and with the guide of DIY ideas.


Time to remember your favourite poems


Plain cloth or curtains can be made more interesting by writing your favourite quotes and lines from poem on it. Search for the most appropriate font and hang the curtain with the words all over the personalized curtain. Here, you don’t need new curtains. Make the old materials look new again.


Highlight the elegant Roman Shades


Roman blinds is an easy yet classic window idea. Everybody absolutely loves to see your windows with roman blinds floppy and definitive. There are a lot of inspirations from the internet. Surf through various options and choose what best fits to your home interior.


Stencil is a safe and pretty option

If your run out of ideas but would like to see something new, stencil is a safe choice to run into. There are patterns available in the market. With the mist of the spray paint, you are ready to see your curtains and blinds embellished again.


Whether it is a wood blinds, roller blinds, curtains, and other quirky window design, putting a personal touch is what makes it more special. The DIY solutions plus the blinds and the likes from the store are the perfect elements for a pleasant window space.