The Charm of Curtains

The importance of curtains

Curtains play a very important role in a space. The primary roles of curtains have been to protect the space from glaring sunlight and deafening noise. Nowadays, the importance being given to curtains have increased by leaps and bounds.

While the primary role remains to be a major aspect, curtains are also being used to set the tone of the space as well as to compliment the interior designing of the space. Surprisingly, curtains are also being used to gauge the standard of the place. The general notion that the grander the curtains are, the higher the standard of the place is highly prevalent among the member of the society.

This increasing demand for curtains have also skyrocketed the price of curtains in Singapore. It has become hard to find providers of cheap curtains who do not compromise the quality of the curtains. We, at First Curtains are one of the providers of cheap curtains in Singapore who never compromise quality for price.

Our Service

First Curtains is specialist of custom made curtain and drapes, blinds, sofa re-upholstery, solar film, and wallpapers for all spaces.

We put the needs and requirements of our customers at the forefront and hence, go out of our way to ensure we provide you with high quality yet cheap curtains in Singapore. We provide a wide array of cheap curtains in Singapore. You will be spoilt for choice as you go through our gallery of curtains. Impressive quality and an even more impressive pricing will definitely leave you confused.

We provide night and day curtains which come in all colour palettes. This will allow you to choose the night and day curtains according to the interiors of your house without having any needs to make adjustments. We also provide plenty of materials, designs, and motifs which means you can choose according to your fancy.

Apart from being well-known for selling high quality yet cheap curtains in Singapore, we are also known for providing high quality blinds such as roman blind, roller blind, honeycomb shade, venetian blind and shadow blind, just to name a few.

Get the best deal!

We can ensure you that you will go back with the best deal as we are focused on providing our customers with high quality yet cheap curtains in Singapore.