Decorate Your Windows With Wooden Blinds

Wood blinds are traditional window blinds which are a type of window covering in vertical or horizontal slats, made up of hard materials like metal, plastic or wood which are held together by cords running through these blind slits. Wood blinds are as traditional as wooden furniture and they look exquisite with wooden windows. Moreover, window blinds endow with a density and padding that helps to maintain privacy, if paired with elegant looking functional curtains.

Window blinds are available in all sizes and colors; you have to choose the proper size, color, and style of the window blinds which you think will be appropriate for your window. Window blinds are either manually adjusted or controlled by remotes.

Why should you opt for wood?

Wood blinds are preferably more attractive than the metal or plastic ones because wood gives a sophisticated and classy look to your room. It gives a professional look like of some libraries or offices etc. It is ideal to dress up rooms as no other window blinds can work over there as efficiently as the wooden ones. Wood blinds are warm and friendly, besides they give a very soft and a sleek look with firm appearances. All you need is to find the perfect curtain with it, which will complement them.

Window blinds can slightly vary in width, but it is preferable to make them narrow for the elegant look. Slats are 2 inches thick generally, but in some cases, you may also get one-inch thin slats. Louvered slats may vary from 4 to ½ inches, and the height of the slats also ranges from the ¾ inch thick to a bit more.

You can adjust the window blinds according to your will, like if you want full privacy, then you can cover the entire window, or you can partially open them, if you want some air and light to come into your room. If you want a good view of the outside, then you can open the window blinds fully as it will help you to get your desired look.

Different woods are used for making the screens such as oak, maple, mahogany, bamboo, chestnut, pecan, etc., and if you want a funky look, then you can color them instantly contrasting the color of your Singapore room.