Curtains, drapes, and keeping your home cool

In a humid country like Singapore, heat is one of the issues which we are having a hard time dealing with. Luckily, thanks to the latest technology, we can now enjoy staying cool indoors with the newest brands of air conditioner. It is true that an AC can help solve the problem with too much heat, but this also means that we have to deal with higher electricity bill afterward.

If you want to be able to chill in your own home without having to use the air condition unit all the time, there are a lot of other ways to lessen the heat indoors. Here are some tips to help keep your house cool despite the warm and humid climate.

Close curtains
Keeping the curtains and drapes closed during summer or hot days can help reduce the heat. The type of fabric, as well as the color, can also serve as factors to help decrease the temperature indoors. It is ideal to use medium-colored drapes with white-plastic backings to keep your house cooler.

Blind it
The proper use of blinds can also do great things to keep your home cool. Blinds are a flexible way to reduce the heat, as it can also be used to control the light and ventilation coming into the house. You should use highly reflective blinds to keep the heat away.

Get shady
Window shades are another good way to keep your home cool and at the same time save energy. They aren’t just useful during summer; they can also be useful during cold seasons, to keep the heat indoors. Roman shades, for example, also serve as insulation and air barrier.

Curtains and blinds are simple but energy saving methods to keep your house cool. At First Curtains, you can find cheap curtains as well as blinds in Singapore. They have a wide range of products, from roller blinds to window curtains. Keep your home cool without spending so much.